Obtaining ASTER Data
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ASTER is an on-demand instrument. This means that data will only be acquired over a location if a request has been submitted to observe that area. Any data that ASTER has already acquired are available to all by ordering those data from the Earth Observing System Data Gateway (EDG). To request that ASTER acquire new data see instructions below. Higher level data products are only produced on demand; instructions for requesting these products are described below. Processing of level 1A data to level 1B is provided through the Japanese ASTER Ground Data System (see below).


How do I order already-existing data?

Using Earth Observing System Data Gateway (EDG) search and order tools, a user can search the entire EDG database, including all ASTER scenes, to determine if data have been acquired over the user's area of interest. Any data of interest can then be ordered.


How do I order higher level data products?

On Demand processing requests may be placed at the ASTER On-Demand Data Gateway. Higher level products are created from L1B data, except for the DEM product.

How do I order processing of L1A data to L1B?

Because of relatively small numbers of automatically generated ASTER level 1B granules, requests to create 1B products from 1A products can be made directly to the Japanese ASTER Ground Data System (GDS; use the Data Processing Request link from the GDS Main Menu). For EOS investigators and ASTER team members, the data are free of charge; for commercial users the cost is 9800 yen/scene (less than US$100).  These requests are limited to those granules that have not yet been generated, and that are not available at the EDC DAAC. 

Prior to submitting a DPR (Data Processing Request) you will need to register with GDS--use the User Registration link from the GDS Main Menu.


How do I request that ASTER acquire new data?

If the desired ASTER observations have not yet been acquired or even requested, a requestor can become an authorized ASTER User, and can then submit a data acquisition request (DAR) via the DAR Tool.  To register as an authorized ASTER User, please select the link below which best describes you. 

I'm already an authorized user, how do I submit a DAR?

The Data Acquisition Request (DAR) Tool allows you to submit a request.

How does ASTER schedule observations of the Earth?

What large ASTER observations of the Earth (e.g. Global Map) are already planned?

Helpful hints to people requesting new ASTER observations.