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TerraLook Software Capabilities

TerraLook Software is an Open Source Viewer/Toolkit and can be downloaded from The TerraLook Software was formerly know as the Protected Area Archive.

This tool includes the following capabilities:

Images From These Sensors
 - ASTER: 2000 to present
 - Landsat: c. 2000
 - Landsat: c. 1990
 - Landsat: c. 1975

Image Finder
Displays footprints of images and outlines of protected areas so users can easily find and display images of interest

Roam and Zoom
To find and see features of interest within an image

Measure Distance and Area

Observing Change
Image "flicker" and side-by-side viewing

Overlay Manager
To create, edit, and control overlays, such as country and PA boundaries, add user-supplied overlays, read in shapefiles from a file, enter points into a table

Image Annotation
Adding text, lines, polygons, etc., so an image can be used to tell a story and effectively communicate an issue

Image Mosaicking
Combines multiple images into a single larger image.

Image Enhancement
Adjusts images to bring out desired features.

English and Spanish versions

Advanced Features
Band math, classify image, classify layer, attribute editing, 3-D viewing, more

This new viewer is "Open Source", based on a project called OpenEV, though note that we are using an alternate build in FWTools. It is actively under development and a new version is planned for the next year or so that includes the following enhancements:

  • New Look and Feel (due to new GUI software)
  • Simplified user interface
  • Improved annotation tools
  • Improved 3-D viewing
  • Updateable Collections
  • Special capabilities for advanced users
  • Web-accessible datasets

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